Wrought Iron Art Toronto

Full Scale Residential and Commercial Wrought Ironworks Solutions Toronto

Wrought Iron Art is a one-stop shop for all your wrought iron needs in Canada. We excel in handcrafted wrought iron railings and other products built accurately according to customer specifications. Our custom ironworks feature intensive craftsmanship with more than enough attention to detail and quality standards.

You can get in touch with our team of designers for any type of wrought iron projects like :

• Interior Railings
• Exterior Railings
• Iron Gates
• Iron Fences
• Iron Stairs

• Balcony and Deck Railings
• Iron Window Guards
• Iron Ornamental Doors
• Wrought Iron Chandeliers
• Iron hand furniture

High Standard Wrought Iron Products with Aesthetic Appeal

Our products are not just another boring piece of furniture or fencing to secure your property.
Along with adept engineers we also have talented designers and creative artisans who give shape to your project.
You can come up to us with your own unique concept or pick a solution from our wide range of products. Our solutions come in various styles so that everyone can find a product according to their tastes and preferences- so whether you are looking for some contemporary theme or want something in the Art Deco style- we have got it!

Making Customers Happy for Two Generations

Wrought Iron Art has earned its reputation in Canada and Russia working on several projects always ending with happy clients. We also stand a step aside from rest of the competition with our uniqueness of integrating conceptual art and creativity in our projects.
If you want to have a taste of high functionality, flexible utility and aesthetic touch in a single solution- we guarantee you will like working with us!

Interior railings

Have you noticed the houses in movies where interior railings pair so well with staircases? You can also have it in real life by having interior railings made all across the house. Not only will it help clearly define the areas of the house, but also establish a classic ambiance.

Exterior railings

Sometimes, we overlook the exterior of the house in our enthusiasm to make the interior look perfect. However, the external appearance of your home is just as important if you want to create a good impression. Exterior railings will hike up the curb appeal of your home. They are weatherproof and durable which means that you do not have to worry about replacing
them anytime soon.

Wrought iron fences

Sometimes, gates are not enough to keep unwelcome people out. A wrought iron fence will give you the extra protection you need. This strong and durable barricade will also notch up the exterior look of your house. It looks good, lasts longer and keeps away intruders- what more do you need?

Wrought iron gates

You can make no compromises when building the gates of your house because they are the only barrier between the outside world and you. If you want to be protected well against intrusions, then you should opt for gates that are strong and durable. Wrought iron is the perfect material to use because it also has weather-resistant features. Make sure that your fort is impenetrable with the help of wrought iron gates.

Balconies/French balconies

You will be surprised at how a balcony can completely transform the look of your house. If you are running on a budget, then you can choose an exquisite French or Juliet balcony. It will instantly make your home feel quaint and exotic; something right out of a fairytale.

Wrought iron furniture

Your home deserves the best furniture you can lay your hands on. While you might want to get something more trendy, wrought-iron furniture is one of the most durable options out there. Not only do they look vintage, but they will also last longer. You can have them designed in a way that they fit right into the setup of your room.

Wrought iron chandeliers

Don't you just love seeing beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling? How about having some in your home? Wrought iron chandeliers are sturdy, and you will not have to fear them falling apart at any moment. The material has the strength to hold up the weight and stay in its position. Chandeliers are the classic interior decoration and you will not regret investing in them.

Wrought iron window guards

If you have delicate glass windows, then you must be anxious to protect them. Moreover, burglars tend to regard windows as the best point of entry. Strong wrought iron window guards will keep them away and you safe because wrought iron is almost impossible to tamper with.