Our History

Many years back a man named Sejranio A. dreamt of transforming the mundane wrought iron to something artistic and practical. Being an architect by profession, he already had the education and imagination to carve out artistic wonders through his creations. And the results showed - helping build a family tradition like no other.

Sejranio’s Dreams take Shape

In 1988, Sejranio went ahead and established his dream studio in Krasnodar, Russia which would soon make a history for itself on the Russian soil.
It was a creative studio where Sejranio designed and artistically forged wrought iron. The items he made were something completely new to the people of Russia as they had never seen such beautiful and elegant creations out of wrought iron. His studio started getting attention and in a short time became of the most renowned and sought after in whole of Russia. His fame started spreading and he extended his operations across 3 different locations including Moscow.
People could not have enough of his creations and stories of his marvelous art reached the artistic circles of Russia. As a result, he was honored with many awards over his lifetime including the one for Best Artistic Blacksmithing.

The Beginning of a New Era

Amidst all of his fame and business, Sejranio had a son called Alik. Little did Sejranio know at that time his son would be the one to carry forward his legacy and spread it all across the world. Alik inherited an inherent inquisitiveness and curiosity for anything artistic and soon Sergio started transferring his knowledge to his only son.
Alik was only 5 years old and he already knew so much about artistic blacksmithing taught by his father. He started making his own small things which soon developed to a full time interest as he grew up. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and continue the tradition of his family business.

Alik Keeps the Family Tradition Alive

Alik opened his first creative studio in Canada 8 years back to continue the family business that has been serving clients for two generations. Over the years he has built up an expert team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, craftsmen and assembly workers who help him realize his concepts and give shape to his designs.
Alik likes to do things himself and takes care of all the designing himself. He can be seen engrossed in his work whether it is some preliminary sketch or a full-scale architectural blueprint. He is also responsible for carrying out most of the fabrication himself and enjoys working with his beloved team. His love and dedication for his work can be easily made out when someone sees him working in the studio.

Having a great love for his work, Alik is also proud to share his family tradition of art with so many people around the earth. He hopes to continue his father’s legacy through his own designs and creations which are heavily influenced by the teachings handed down to him.
Alik’s works are unique and contemporary with a refined sense of creativity.