Wrought Iron Balconies

Wrought Iron Balconies

At Wrought Iron Art you are going to find the most beautiful and suitable designs for your outdoor design. You also have the open to come up with your own design, customize the existing ones according to your preferences and choices.

Here’s a guide on customizing your balcony railing:

Appearance and appeal of the balcony railing as you desire.

Major material used to build the railing. Typical choices include wood, aluminum, and wrought iron. You can also go for glass railing, if your house has an ultra-modern or industrial décor. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used materials.

Choose wood for a classier and ageless look. The material stays unharmed during all weather conditions including storm, heat, and snow and ultraviolet rays as well. You can choose to keep it the way it is or stain the wood for a rustic look. Attractive wood options to choose from include oak, mahogany, cypress, maple, and pine.

Aluminum balcony railings are easy to install, lightweight, low maintenance, affordable, and extremely durable. It is also strong to be use as a balcony railing and easy to clean. You can paint it the color your want and can be mold into any style. The only disadvantage is that since it is a soft metal, it is highly susceptible to pitting and larger expansion/contraction factor. It might also get brittle if exposed to high salt conditions.

We all know steel is anti-corrosive and suitable for every type of use. However, steel balcony railings come with two disadvantages. The material becomes black in coastal areas. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t give a rich or classy vibe.

Not only are cellular PVC balcony railings functional, but also very aesthetic. Bottom and top rails are reinforced with aluminum, so that expansion and contraction is minimum in extreme temperature conditions. Since PVC is a near perfect solution for all things construction, you don’t have to worry about the material getting corroded, split, or swell due to wet conditions. It doesn’t require any maintenance as well, which is a huge plus. Also, you can customize it into any design you want. If you have kids at home, avoid cellular PVC because it is a soft material and prone to impact damage. You cannot paint it in darker colors because expansion of top and bottom railings is larger.

Another low maintenance option is vinyl. It is a cost-effective option and can be molded into any shape. You don’t need to seal or finish vinyl balcony railings with other material and yet they provide a great artistic appeal, safety, and stability. The only con is that most of the times vinyl balcony railings aren’t available in dark colors. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget.

Do you want a wood balcony railing but can’t fit the pricing in your budget? You can consider composite as your next material of choice. Up close it has a smooth surface. It is usually a blend of PVC and recycled maple wood flour. It doesn’t require any maintenance, easy and quick to install, and can be capped with other materials including decorative steel and composite for a more attractive and appealing look. Most composite balcony railings come with a warranty period of 10 to 25 years.

Wrought iron is synonymous with elegance and charming. It is extremely durable and doesn’t have trouble in any weather conditions. For balcony railings, you can choose hollow wrought iron bars for a delicate appearance and contemporary look. If you are aiming for a rustic or French mid-century look, you can go for solid wrought iron bars.
Wrought iron balcony railings are a costly investment but they barely require any maintenance and increase the price of the property. Older the material, more will be the price of your property.

One of the most modern balcony railing material choices, glass offers an uninterrupted view that brings you closer to your natural surrounding. If you have styled your house in modern contemporary or industrial decor, no better material would fit than glass. It is aesthetic, all weather conditions tolerant, and very stable and strong. Cleaning and maintenance is a little hectic because even one blotch of dirt will make the entire balcony look back. If you are okay with cleaning it every week, then you won’t see any problem at all.

Functional features, which include safety and protection from insects.

balcony1 (26)

Several cities have a fixed minimum height requirement for balconies. If you live in Toronto, Ontario, all your indoor and outdoor balconies should have a minimum height of 24” with no balcony higher than 42”. If you wish to get a high elevation, you can extend the railing with a glass extension. Not only does it make the house safer, but also adds modernity. The height requirements are set in these measurements to protect children from squeezing their head into the railing system.

Ideally, most balcony railings have a height of 36” to 42”. Choose a height that fulfills its primary function of safety but doesn’t block your view of the surroundings. To say the least, it shouldn’t feel like you are in jail.

Sometimes, the neighborhood you live in need you to comply by certain rules and regulations. Having a balcony is usually the top most requirements, so you’ll have no choice but get it fixed.

Primary goal of every balcony railing is making the house a safer place for everyone living it. But that doesn’t mean you have to go for materials that might not suit the style of your house. This is the very reason we are 100 percent committed towards offering you the best balcony railings constructed using top quality raw materials that you will not find anywhere else. To top it, our skilled and experienced craftsmen, will make sure all your demands are met.

You can be assured that we won’t stick you with a product you never wanted. Just name the style from vintage and avant-garde balustrades to medieval French and modern contemporary, we have everything for you. You bring your design to use and return home with the very same product but Wrought Iron Art has a lot of designs to choose from.

Buying something that you doesn’t fit your budget messes up the entire plan. We are firm believers of offering the best quality in your budget and will do so no matter what. On the other hand, we don’t want to limit your spending by introducing to you restricted designs. Our balcony railing designers will work their way around your budget and come up with a design that both of us agree with. It will only take 10 to 15 minutes to create the blueprint of your dream balcony railing.

At Wrought Iron Art, you don’t have to worry about being charged a lot of the best quality of raw materials or less for a low quality output. There’s no way we are going to put you in a situation where you will have to choose between two extreme choices.

All our customers are extremely happy with balcony railings we created for them. We believe in the word of mouth technique and consider our clients as the best marketers of the brand. Also, if you have a friend or neighbor who purchased balcony railings from Wrought Iron Art, you can go and check the quality and feel at their house.
All we want to do is offer you the best service and only take one balcony railing project at a time.

Things to remember while choosing a design

While the style of house is one of the most crucial determinants of your balcony’s design, there are other deciding factors as well.
Let’s take a look at some important things you’ll have to consider while choosing a balcony railing design:


If you on the coast, you have to select a material that isn’t easily corroded by saltwater or salty air. In such situations, your ideal materials would be aluminum, cap-stock composite, glass, and vinyl. If you live in interior regions, you can choose from all these materials mentioned above and wood, steel, and wrought iron.

Exposure to sun and other environmental factors

Along with the material, color of your balcony railing design also plays an important role. If the metal railing receives direct sunlight during noon or afternoon, avoid choosing black or darker colors.
It might get very hot and the children, pets, or you can get burnt because of it. You can either change the material to wood or vinyl, which doesn’t heat up quickly or light colors like white or light
yellow will do the work to.

If a particular balcony railing faces the lawn, which has in-built sprinklers, we suggest you to not go for glass. The water would get on the glass and dust would settle on it. You might not get time every day to clean the glass and the blotchy patches would magnify intensity of heat and sunlight entering the house.

Surface level

Check if the surface is leveled properly. If you have a concrete patio or balcony space, you are going to have a little trouble fixing the railing. On the other hand, a tiled surface won’t give you any problems. Wrought Iron Art will help you out with height adjustment if your balcony has a slope. If the slope is too steep, you’ll need to purchase a customized base flange, which will be fitted to level the surface.

ADA railing

You don’t usually need to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for balcony railings but it is always good to check.
If you have someone with disability leaving with you, you must follow the guidelines. Also, if you plan to put the house on rent, you have to follow the ADA railing guidelines compulsorily.


Always choose a company that has experienced craftsmen, especially if the material you’ve chosen requires some accurate skills. At Wrought Iron Art, you don’t have to worry about that because all our craftsmen have years of experience at disposal and will help you bring your dream balcony railing into reality.


Even though most railing materials can be painted into whichever color you want except glass, we recommend you to stick to neutral colors. For example, white, black, or beige would be good choices as they go along with any type of decor and style. Keep designs of all balcony railings of your house the same for it to look uniform and appealing.

The same goes with color. Let’s say, you want to paint all railings black but there are couple that get excessive sunlight. In such situation, you can’t paint it black because it will absorb too much heat and give you blister. You’ll have to go with white or any light color. You can paint some parts of it black to match the decor.
Here, you’ll have to change color of all balcony railings to white or any other combination you choose.

Additional support to structure

If you’ve chosen a lightweight material like composite, vinyl, aluminum, or cellular PVC, you will need some additional support.
The railings will require infills of a stronger material, so that the structure’s shape isn’t destroyed during extreme weather conditions or excessive load. The change in materials won’t be noticeable because you can paint them in the same color.
Visit Wrought Iron Art today to know more about balcony railings.
If you have a design in mind, bring it along with you and then we’ll take it forward from there. We only take one project at a time, so that all our team can focus on the very same thing and deliver you the product and service at the earliest.