Juliet Balconies

Looking to make your house look beautiful? You need to work on the indoor and outdoor decor. Sure, everything matters from the paintings you choose to a bathroom or a kitchen renovation for indoor renovation. However, there is one thing that you shouldn't ignore when it comes to the outdoor renovation- balconies.

Your balconies tell more about your home from the outside, and help you enjoy some great time there. The one thing that your balcony needs, apart from having a good shape, is the railings.
Yes, balcony railings add in to the artwork of your house, and add in that charm like no other. However, what will fit your home is a question that you might want to leave to the experts. For instance, things like which part of the balcony railing to highlight or which design to choose for your home aren't as easy as it sounds. While one might look great on its own, the other one might look better and complement your house more.

Worried about how you can go about choosing the right balcony railing designs for your home? Don't worry - we can help you out!

Find the most beautiful balcony railings at Wrought Iron Art

One of our most aesthetic balcony railing, Juliet balcony, is designed to make your architecture look complete and add beauty to the interiors. It is a perfect choice for rooms where you
are constrained for space. To complete the look, you can decorate it with plants and tiny flower pots. At Wrought Iron Art we ensure that Juliet balconies for your house are created
precisely according to the measurement and more attention is given to the installation process. Because of our standardized methods and protocols, we are considered as the best installation
company in Toronto.

More about the design and materials used

We offer a range of Juliet balcony railing designs in a variety of materials including steel, glass, wrought iron, wood, composite, cellular PVC, and vinyl among others. Our design experts will help you fit the design and material choices in your budget and still maintain the best quality possible. You choose how you want the balcony from straightforward curve to detailed design railings to your Juliet balcony to bring the design together. If you have very little space, we can also get you glass railings, so that the view look spacious and there’s no visible barrier between you and the nature around your house.

Wrought Iron Art’s detailed installation process

If you want, an installer from our company will help you with the complete installation process. All safety and standard rules and regulations are followed. In case you choose to go with glass railings, all safety measures will be followed to securely transfer glass and install them. Also, we take absolute care to avoid any damage to your house that might take place while transferring materials to the balcony area or installation.

To fix an appointment to visit our office, call on 416-770-2233. We can discuss all details, big and small, about the Juliet balcony railings. We will make sure that no leaf remains unturned offering you our services. Everything happens in a timely manner, so you won’t have to wait for even a minute before the meeting begins.

Why you should buy Juliet balcony railing?

You can think of Juliet balcony as a wonderful choice. They are actually not for balconies but for French windows that are entirely class from ceiling to floor. They were mentioned in magazines for the very first time during the 1920s in the United Kingdom to reduce construction costs and offer a close contact with the outside world. The design was inspired by balconies in the Mediterranean countries including Spain and Italy. Since its structure is so very basic, you can combine it with different decorative styles from the Victorian era to the modern contemporary design of today.

The compact style makes Juliet balconies easy to install and cost very less as less work and material is required. When they were just introduced, the earned the name of balconets or balconetes because it gave the appearance of a full balcony when there wasn’t enough same. Some Juliet balconies are stuck closely to the French windows or a feet ahead, so that one person can stand at a time. They are usually not created to stand but for keeping plants, so that the house can have some greenery close by. You can also add green shutters to diffuse the sunlight entering inside.

These type of balconies more functional that it meets to the eye.
It is the most perfect way to create an illusion of a bigger room, which is a huge advantage to those who live in the city.

Why every French window should have a Juliet balcony railing?

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, you are at a high risk of falling. It is dangerously unsafe if you have young children or pets home. With Juliet balconies railings, you won’t have worry about that. Balustrades, which form the middle part of the railing, are sturdy and closely located, so your children won’t squeeze their head into it and get stuck.

Ideally, the balcony should have a minimum height of 42” but you can go higher depending on your comfort and preference.
Wrought Iron Art Workshop can install the railing any time during the construction period or after construction, as per your choice.
If you are in the construction phase, you should get the installation done while the upper story deck is being constructed.
You get done with one level entirely and the construction will take place in a systematic manner as planned earlier.

Height regulations for Juliet balcony railings

Like we mentioned just now, the minimum height should be of 42” or 110 cm. You can choose to go higher but we recommend you not to. It is very compulsory to follow these rules and regulations set by local authorities. Not doing so will lead to a hefty compensation and charges that you don’t want anything unpleasant while you are building your very first house. Wrought Iron Art keeps record of all railing rules and regulation formulated by Toronto’s local authorities. A close record of changes is maintained as well. We hire people who know the rules, so that mistakes can be efficiently prevented.

Why Juliet balcony railings are the best?

Like mentioned earlier, Juliet railings can be made in any type of material. A couple decades ago, we didn’t have many choices in designs but with the invention of new techniques and lightweight materials like composite and cellular PVC, anything is possible.

Also, weight of the material of your choice is never a concern when it comes to Juliet balcony railings. They are directly attached to the walls next to the French window, so it gets strength and stability from them. The only thing you should be concerned about is the weather conditions of the area you live in.
If you live near the sea, you won’t be able to have steel, wood, or wrought iron railings. You can instead go for composite, which is a mix of maple wood powder and PVC material. It is lightweight, highly anti-corrosive, doesn’t swell, doesn’t heat up too much, or  very cost-effective. Living in the interiors shouldn’t give you any problems because the atmosphere is suitable for types of railing materials.

If want to extend the height of your Juliet balcony railings, you can simply add a net or flexi glass over the railing top. Juliet balcony railings are perfect for small homes in the downtown area where space is a major constraint.

However, it isn’t only about the space. Juliet balconies are inspired from the Victorian era and Mediterranean countries, which are known for their delicate art and elegance. These railings will do exactly the same for your houses.

We understand that your house, no matter how big or small, is your sanctuary. A place you can be yourself, with no one around judging you. It is a place where you share intimate relations with your partner and bond with your child. We want to make sure that you experience every bit of the journey. It is like a little getaway from the fast and non-stop life of the city.

When you look up at your house after coming home after a long and tiring day work, we want your eyes to be filled with joy. We don’t want to create something grand by installing the Juliet

balcony railings but something that is relaxing and gives you a sense of comfort.
Precautions to take while installing Juliet balcony railing Railings are put at the end of balconies for safety and security.
That goes the same while installing them.

Before installation

Before you install the railing, finish all inside and outside plaster work of the balcony. Complete the flooring work as well and make sure it is completely dry and stable.

Finish all painting work and let it dry. After the railing is installed, you can repaint the tiny places where the wall for drilled for fitting and it’ll be alright. We recommend you to fit the French window after you install the Juliet balcony railing because it is more convenient that way.

Safety and quality of materials

Always choose the best quality materials because it is a one time investment. Also, your family’s safety is in concern here. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase the costliest of all materials.
At Wrought Iron Art, we ensure that we use only the best quality materials, so that our customers trust us with more work.

If the house you are building is going to be your permanent home, then we suggest you choose glass, wood, aluminium, or wrought iron, all of which are low maintenance and offer high stability and security.


Measure the dimensions before purchasing the railings. The size has to be exact because Juliet balcony railing is a fitted one.
Spacing between two railings should be at least 5” or 125 mm. It is very narrow, so your kids or pet aren’t going to get their heads stuck in between them. Don’t increase the distance because the recommended one is aesthetic and functional.
Drilling and other installation measures Put all pieces together before you make counter holes. Use a fully functional drilling machine to do the drilling. The holes are placed more accurate that way. Also, make sure the screws you use completely cover the holes. That is one of the best ways to check if the fitting is proper or not. Smooth out the surface after you finish drilling, so that others in your house don’t get injured by it.

Safety railing

The safety railing should be as simple as possible. It is meant to protect you from falling off, so avoid complicated, floral, or very curvy designs. Also, a simple and straightforward design is easy to clean and doesn’t look dirty easily. In case of curvy designs, uneven deposit of dust can make it look dirty and you’ll need to clean it every week.
Here’s a list of tools you’ll require during the installation You are going to need a total of six to seven tools. These include screw driver, leveler, metal or woodcutter, electric drill, and welding machine along with screws and other fitting tools. You also need to take other precautions like keeping First-Aid measures ready near your work area, using safe lifting technique, and hiring certified and skilled professionals with at least five to 10 years of experience. Make sure that they are wearing a safety helmet and gloves, so that injury under uncertain circumstances can be completely avoided. At Wrought Iron Art, you don’t have to worry about that because all our craftsmen and installers have large amount of experience at disposal.

In summary

While selecting the material for your Juliet balcony railing, remember to pick one that is lightweight, resists corrosion and swelling, requires very low maintenance, and is stable and strong.

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