Porch Railings

Wrought Iron Art supplies railing systems for stairs, porches, deck, and other areas of your home. Any type of rail material you need or prefer Wrought Iron Art will provide. Our company has provided quality materials to our satisfied customers over a period of 30 years in the industry.

Our quality railing systems are built of quality materials like steel, wood, wrought iron, and glass. Our railings not only have delicate designs on them, but their prices are also very cost-efficient.

Our railings differ in design, build, and material. Yet they all have a common purpose of ensuring safety and security to home owners, while enhancing the property’s overall appearance. We have handrails for your stairs and exterior railings for your decks and porches, and more.

Railings not only protect people from unwanted accidents, but they also enhance the looks of your home. This makes railings a worthy investment in a home or property.

Railings should be made of high quality, durable, and attractive material that is also economical to repair and maintain. You should therefore look for a supplier who has many years of experience offering top quality materials and equipment.

Only one company in Ontario can claim all the qualities mentioned above! For more information about Wrought Iron Art products and services call 416.770.2233 now!

A porch is a vital part of your property. It determines the appearance and value of the property, while making your home a pleasant place to live in. Beautiful railings improve the curb appearance but also enhance the safety status of your home.

Choosing between Metal and Wood Railings for your Front Porch.

There are many railing materials and designs to choose from for a home owner in Toronto. What is important is to decide between wood and metal. Both are good but each has its merits and demerits.

For your back porch, you may choose wooden or metal railings. Wooden railings may require expensive artwork and designs.
They are also delicate and, therefore, may turn out more costly to maintain in the long run. However, metal railings are good enough too on your back porch, as they require less maintenance.

Metal railings are the best for the front porch mainly because they are affordable, durable, and cost effective to maintain. However, wooden rails will serve as well, but they are more delicate hence require more maintenance which can be costly.

Our Wrought Iron Art workshop offers a wide variety of metal railings to fit any home. You can also order customized railings made according to your preferred design. You can choose the metal railing that fits your budget from the many different options available.

Advantages of Wrought Iron front Porch Railings

During your search for front porch railings, you will obviously notice that the most beautiful and elaborate railings are made of wrought iron. This metal is durable enough to last for centuries. It has been used to make amazing ornate fixtures for hundreds of years.

Wrought iron front porch railings have two main advantages. They are flexible to design as well as durable. A third benefit is their long-term cost efficiency since they are cheap to maintain, good quality fixtures require only occasional repainting to retain a superb look.

Repairing wrought iron is quite affordable since this hardy material hardly gets damaged by anything. If rust is not allowed to form on the rails, nothing short of a heavy physical blow will cause a dent on these structures.

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