Exterior Iron Railings

Exterior Iron Railings

 Best Materials to Choose for Exterior Railings

Exterior railings or guard railings come handy when you are looking to upgrade your curb appeal, secure your property or follow the regulations under the Ontario Building Code applicable in Toronto.
Exterior railings come in all shapes and sizes available in different designs and materials.
You can find railing made of metal, wood, vinyl, composite and other materials.
Metal is one of the most common materials chosen for exterior railings because of their multiple advantages. We at Wrought Iron Art carry out the job of creating and installing metal exterior railings whether you want to secure your property or enhance the décor of your building.

Why should You Choose Metal Exterior Railings?

Here is a look at what works.

1. Durability

Metals are one of the toughest materials which can withstand rough use and drastic situations. They also last for a long time compared to materials like wood or vinyl and are less likely to break down.
Exterior railings made of metal like iron or steel lasts a lifetime and offers high durability.

2. High Safety Factor

Metal exterior railings are strong and cannot be vandalised easily. If someone accidentally trips on them they will guard his fall whereas railings made from wood or vinyl may give away under the weight of the body.
Metal railings keep you and your house safe and sound.

3. Enhanced Curb Appeal

We can create unique metal railings of different designs whether you install them around your residence, your deck or beside staircases.
You can get yourself vintage and Art Deco style exterior railings or choose something modern and high-tech. If you want something minimalist and sophisticated, we are also there to help you out.

Installing metal exterior railings instantly increases your curb appeal and increases the valuation of your property.

Unique Metal Exterior Railing in GTA

Our expert craftsmen Wrought Iron Art make your home look unique and you have the liberty of choosing your own preferences. We can put panels in place of balusters if you want or replace post’s caps with high-tech lights- anything and everything is possible as long as they satisfy the Building Code.
We use only high-quality metal meeting all space and height regulations and install the railings safely on your property. So whether you want something in lightweight aluminum or looking for an artistic railing made of heavy wrought iron, we are here to meet all your commercial and residential construction requirements.
We are an one-stop solution for all your metal exterior railing needs!