Patio and Deck Railings

Glass, Wood, and Metal Give the Best Patio and Deck Railings

At Wrought Iron Art, we offer quality railings with excellent customer services around Toronto and nearby places. You may choose from among our different products according to you taste. We have railings made of glass, wrought iron, and aluminium. In addition, deck railings, fences, gates, and many other ask for it, we have it in stock.

Upgrading your Deck or Patio

To keep up with the times and give your home a new look, you may require doing a makeover in future. This will not call for a total rebuild, most likely only retouching some areas like the deck or patio, specifically the railings.

To ensure that you only get high quality and safe railing in your house, hire an experienced and highly reputable contractor.
However, that alone is not enough; you need to also get your railings from a trusted supplier with different elegant and classy patterns and designs to select from depending on your budget.

Wrought Iron Art is a just a call away and we will give you wrought iron railings for your interior stairs to provide safety steps and firm handrails. We are available any time, call us on 416.770.2233 and we will be glad to tell you more about out high quality products.

Exterior Railings: The Best Choice Is Metal Rails

There are many things to consider before you install the exterior railings on your stairs. Which is the best material? What is the main purpose? Do you need extensions? Is your choice of design within the exterior code of Toronto? Answer these questions before ordering your railings.

While metal is the most durable option, it is not always the best choice for every home. Whatever you choose to use has to match with the stairs’ design. Anything that is organic, will give your stairs the desired complete look. Railings are made of materials such as glass, cable, wrought iron and many others.

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