Interior Railings

Interior Iron Railings

Comprehensive Interior Railing Buying Guide for Property Owners

Interior railings are installed for different purposes ranging from meeting building codes to enhance the interior décor of the property. Sometimes they are also required as a safety measure to protect the residents.
Interior railings come in different materials and designs. The sheer variety of options can make you confused so we at Wrought Iron Art would like to help you out with this buying guide.
Our interior railing specialists in Toronto will be glad to give their consultation incorporating the regulations of the Ontario Building Code in your project. We will also help you create your railings and install them safely on your property.

Interior Railing Materials

The first thing to determine is the material you need to use for your interior railings. The most common materials are metal, wood and glass with their own set of pros and cons.

- Wood

Wood is really affordable but not that durable as a railing material. It needs yearly treatments and doesn’t last as long as other materials like metal.

- Metal

The choice of metals for interior railings is vast including iron, steel and aluminum. All types of metal are highly durable making them a great option.
Metals also need very little maintenance and are one of the most flexible and safest materials in terms of design and price.

- Glass

Glass is an exquisite material but rather costly and requires complex effort while making and installing them. They look modern and trendy but may not be ideal for houses with kids.
You also need to be cautious around glass interior railings as they have chances of breaking.

Consider Wrought Iron Railings for Safety and Beauty

Wrought iron railings are really popular for their durability and aesthetic appeal. It has a low carbon content which makes it stronger than other forms of iron like cast iron. Interior railings made of wrought iron lasts for years and needs next to zero maintenance.
Another aspect of wrought iron which makes it perfect for any design and shape is its malleability. You can give it any shape with twists like the creepers of a tree or create spectacular swirls adorned with your beautiful flowers.
You can choose any design and color to fit and enhance the interior décor and also increase the value of your property at the same time.
Wrought iron interior railings look good as new year after year and provide great return on your investment.

Railings Made Of Wrought Iron from Wrought Iron Art

When looking for interior railings that will bring elegance and last for years, wrought iron should be your number one choice. It brings magnificence to your home even in the simplest railings design.

Wrought iron rails bring exquisite fixtures into your house and blend with your interior decors and stand out among them with incredible appeal. You can through our catalogue and see it transforms a house.

The price of wrought iron varies and is determined by the design and size you choose to use. This material is flexible and you can use to create different types. It is the best for custom projects and can be made into any shape including curves and swirls.
Whichever design you chose, wrought iron will look amazing for years.