Choosing the best designs for your interior railings

Find appealing designs for you interior designs in GTA and Toronto

Whether it’s a commercial or a residential house, interior railings elevate the look of any space. Wrought Iron Wrought Iron Art works shop has in business specifically in the greater Toronto area. We have all our railing designs put together for our customers to choose from.

We know some customers are looking for unique designs. If it’s not in catalogue, our technicians will work with you and put it on paper. When choosing the design of the interior railings, your house’s dimension has to be considered and your budget too.

When working with us, you are in good hands and we will explain everything clearly and give any recommendations that will help you realize the vision you have. With all the information, you select what fits your house perfectly from brass, aluminium, bronze and wrought iron. All the materials are available in standard colors including bronze, white and black.

Our services come with a warranty and we work fast. We do not disrupt your daily schedule and the rail installation is non-invasive.
It takes a few hours and you will enjoying the huge transformation of your house.

Choosing the best designs for your interior railings

Are you looking for a unique handrail? Do you want simple yet elegant iron railing? It is possible to get exactly what you want; there are hundreds of interior designs to choose from. If you cannot exactly find what you want in the catalogue, we can customize your railings.

Interior railing designs for safety and style

Interior railings can be used to beautify your space or seclude certain area in a room while also enhancing the safety. You are allowed to choose any style, but they must be according to Toronto building regulations and laws. The height of the handrail must be between 34-38 inches and especially in homes where there are little kids who can get between the bars and fall. We, at Wrought Iron Art have different designs and can adapt any that you choose or come up with a child-proof design to fit your interior.

Long lasting and stunning wrought iron designs

Today, it is possible to install interior railings made of different materials including glass, wood, iron and aluminium. Among them, wrought iron is the best because it brings sheer beauty into your house. Their beauty is associated with luxurious homes and installing them in your house will create such an illusion making it look amazingly elegant. It is easy to find one to fit your house, wrought iron rails come in many designs.

Where can you find the best railings ideas for your interior balcony in Toronto?

Wrought Iron Art is your one stop for interior railing installation and different designs. We advise you and help you select what can be fantastic for your home.

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