French Balconies

If you've long French windows or doors in your home, you would love a French balcony. Designed to help you make your compact urban home space look more, these do not have any floor surface. And it doesn't just help you save on space, it also helps you get more light and improved ventilation. You can open the French doors at any time, and we are sure you would love the added in French era charm that it brings to your apartment.

At Wrought Iron Art Workshop, we help design and install customized and bespoke French balconies according to your needs. With our different custom made designs of French balconies to choose from, you are sure to get one that you love for your home in Toronto.

You can even talk to one of our design specialists to design your own French balcony. With our experience of over 28 years, you can be sure we can meet all your interior design solutions.

Contact us to know more about how affordable it really is to build your own wrought faux balconies in Toronto, and how our specialist can help meet your needs.

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