Stairs‘ Exterior hand Railing

When looking for long lasting exterior railings for your stairs, metal is likely to be what you need. There are different metals and each has its qualities. See below what Wrought Iron Art experts have for you to choose from.

Aluminium is the best choice for anyone in Toronto. It is weather resistant and will not be affected by this city’s weather’ At Wrought Iron Art we coat it with protective powder and will cost you nothing to maintain, It can be used on exterior railings due to its sturdiness and it’s almost unbreakable. We coat or galvanize aluminium to increase its ability to withstand humid and the sun.

Wrought iron is popular because it’s flexible and can be used to create almost any design for exterior railings. However, it has to be repainted and taken care of to prevent corrosion. All in all, it’s worth the maintenance and will bring the beauty you want to your property.

Rails can be installed in three ways:

When buying a rail kit, it comes with information on how to install it. All you need is to follow the steps given in the manual. This enables DIY, but you must follow everything to the letter for you to install the rails successfully. However the easiest way is always going to a professional and reputable company. Wrought Iron Art has the best technicians and will give results according to your chosen design.

Finally, exterior railings are always a great choice because they are available in many designs and are easy to maintain. They also offer safety as long as they are installed properly. At Wrought Iron Art, we have rich experience and have been in this industry for more than three decades.

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